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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

canadaboy_32 wrote: View Post
Berman and Braga should be blamed for only ENT, not the rest of Trek.
Exccellent point. Braga (either directly by name or just as "B&B") is often blamed for anything people don't like about modern day Trek, even if he wasn't involved. For example, a lot of people have a tendency to blame him for Insurrection and Nemesis, despite the fact he had nothing to do with those movies.

plynch wrote: View Post
I like Voyager. I think that's a minority opinion.
You know, I was hard on Voyager when it first aired, but looking back, it wasn't that bad a show. There's unfulfilled potential, definately, but it is still as solid a show as you could ask for.
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