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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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Agreed on this one...

Thank you. I am glad there is another strong fellow admirer of Deep Space Nine.

Hell no! NO, NO, and NO! Would you start reading a novel from the middle?
George Lucas did it to us with Star Wars. We started off watching A New Hope (Episode 4), and it was a smash it.

DS9 should only be watched from the start. There are quite a few bad and average episodes in season 1, and most of the season does not contain important plots and feels like TNG-lite, and one could skip at least about a half of season 1. But there is still too very important character development, and are still a few indispensable episodes in season 1. Watching DS9 has to begin with Emissary. And Duet is without any doubt one of the greatest DS9 episodes, it is still my favorite. In the Hands of the Prophets is another one not to be missed. From there on (the end of season 1), the show becomes very good IMO, and seasons 2 and 3 are excellent despite a few clunkers here and there (but which Trek season doesn't have those?).
Yes. There is a lot of great back story information and things that are set up from the beginning. However, a lot of the episodes in the beginning are more like a slow moving drama with characters that haven't been fleshed out yet. So if there is someone who had a hard time getting into Deep Space Nine in the first place: This is what I would recommend. Plus, most people like faster paced story lines, too. So if it is someone who has never seen the show either. I would still recommend in watching it this way.

I mean, it's not like they can't go back and watch the first three seasons later. Sure, some things are not going to be revealed to them. But I believe the risk factor involved of the viewer being bored on his first viewing of seasons 1-3 is high. In other words, the odds are better of them liking the second half of Deep Space Nine then the first half. That is why I recommend it the way that I do (for first time viewers or for folks who have seen very little of it).

So many of the greatest DS9 episodes are from the first 3 seasons. When I see someone saying that the show doesn't get "good" until season 3, 4 or even 5, and that you should just watch the war, I find it really mind-boggling.
Well, that is a matter of opinion. I did like a few episodes in season 3 but they didn't come close to the awesomeness of seasons 4-7 in my book. Besides, like TNG: things were a little more cheesier in the beginning, too.

Side Note:

Oh, by the way. What did you think of the Deep Space Nine Trailer?

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