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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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  • I still haven't managed to get interested enough in DS9 to see all the episodes

Deep Space Nine is by far one of my top favorite well written TV shows in general. It is also my all time favorite science fiction show, too.

The first 3 seasons are a little rough to start; but Season's 4-7 are really phenomenal, though. So if you have caught very little of of Deep Space Nine, I would suggest watching it like this (to begin with)...

1. Deep Space Nine Episode Titled "The Adversary"
(Season 3, Disc 7)

Watch the last episode on disc titled "The Adversary" only, and skip past the other episode titled "Facets" on the disc. Then watch...

2. Deep Space Nine Seasons 4-7

Basically this is when the show really heats up. It is when the Dominion story line really kicks into high gear and it is when Sisko becomes a Captain and when Worf joins the crew.

Deep Space Nine Trailer:

Important Note:

Don't miss checking out the YouTube Trailer (above)!


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