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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

It's a relief to know that there are so many people who don't care much for Kirk.

Saito S wrote: View Post
I am seeing a lot of opinions in this thread that I don't think are "unpopular" or "minority", though. It'll be interesting to see if anyone looks at mine and thinks the same thing, that I think it's an uncommon viewpoint but maybe someone else encounters the same sentiment all the time.

-All of that said, the movies (all of them - from TMP to STXI) are not as good as the best of the shows. Several of the movies are mediocre to bad, and even the good ones I view simply as side-story fluff pieces, just there to have a good, fun, big-screen romp. The best part of the TV shows are the real core of Trek's visual medium.
I think that opinion is quite widespread. I've never met anyone who prefers Trek movies to the shows.

-Certain novels (specifically, books from the post-DS9/post-Nemesis/Destiny continuity) have matched and even slightly surpassed the very best of any of the shows as my favorite part of Trek, in terms of pure writing and character development.
Hm, is that really an unpopular opinion among the people who read Trek books?

Now, the majority of Trek fans does not, but that's another matter.

-The Federation is not secretly some kind of evil, fascist, expansionist state, whose stated moral values are just a farce and a cover up, and whose citizens are cultural slaves and don't even realize it. Eddington made some decent points in concept, but only as they pertained to the Maquis, and he severely overstated his case. The Federation is not even close to being as bad as the Borg, let alone worse. The UFP and Starfleet do more good than harm, for their own citizens and for the galaxy around them.
-The Federation is not some kind of ultimate, holy, do-gooder state whose citizens will always do the right thing no matter what. Neither their population, nor their government are 100% free of corruption, dangerous ambition, greed, or plain bad judgement. Starfleet is not 100% free of those things, either.
Isn't that the majority opinion? I doubt that many people argue either of the two extremes... it's just that those who do tend to stand out, and feel the need to argue it in the first place (as is usual with extreme viewpoints).

Pemmer Harge wrote: View Post
Deep Space Nine peaked before the Dominion War.
If by that you mean that it peaked in season 5, then it's not such an unpopular opinion. Though I'd say it peaked in season 5 + the first 6 episodes of season 6. The rest of S6 was mostly good and occasionally great, but didn't have the same intensity. But I also think that DS9 was great since "Duet".

I should have also mentioned that Bajorans are one of my favorite Trek races, that I find them very interesting and love the episodes about their politics. That's an unpopular opinion, isn't it?
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