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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

Warped9 wrote: View Post

Wow. I'd never have guessed.
You're one to talk!
muzzleflash wrote: View Post
That sounds like sarcasm, but it seems a lot of people actually think TOS looks good.
I can't say I've encountered many people who think TOS looks "good" from a purely technical standpoint. The vast majority of people (on this BBS or elsewhere) that I've talked to about TOS - no matter how much they like the show - acknowledge that the era in which it was made holds it back in terms of visuals.

That said, what I HAVE seen tons of is the idea that TOS had good (or, among Trek shows, the best) aesthetics. That disregarding the quality of film and of special effects, the overall look of TOS, stylistically - uniforms, ships, control panels, weapons, etc - was great. Which I really don't get; I find TOS' look goofy and ridiculous, myself. Buuuut, if I'm being fair, that's really a matter of personal preference. There's no objectivity to disliking (or liking) the aesthetics.
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