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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

plynch wrote: View Post
I like Voyager. I think that's a minority opinion.
As Lor'Vela points out, I don't think liking Voyager, even marginally, is really all that rare, based on my own observations, anyway. But saying it's your favorite of all five, that would definitely be a "minority opinion."

I am seeing a lot of opinions in this thread that I don't think are "unpopular" or "minority", though. It'll be interesting to see if anyone looks at mine and thinks the same thing, that I think it's an uncommon viewpoint but maybe someone else encounters the same sentiment all the time.

-TOS is not a very good show. It has a small handful of really great eps, a large number of mediocre eps, and a HELL of a lot of stinkers. I respect it as the franchise starter, and it was great for its time and certainly groundbreaking, but it's my second least favorite behind Enterprise in terms of purely enjoying what I'm watching. And it's NOT because of the outdated visual effects.
-Starship officers + miniskirts (or catsuits! They are not exempt simply because they were from later Trek) = what the hell were you thinking. William Ware Theiss was a hack who wouldn't know good fashion sense or sex appeal if it walked up and kicked his ass.
-The original Enterprise is one of my least favorite ships in Trek. Like the show itself, I respect that it was unlike any other ship design of its time, and it laid the groundwork for all of Trek's later ships, but I find it pretty ugly. The refits (TMP and STXI) are both vast improvements, but neither are among my favorite Starfleet designs.
-TWOK is highly overrated. I give it a 5 out of 10.
-GEN is highly underrated. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.
-While I did feel Insurrection and Nemesis both overflowed with problems, I still enjoy them more than any TOS movie except TVH and TUC.
-All of that said, the movies (all of them - from TMP to STXI) are not as good as the best of the shows. Several of the movies are mediocre to bad, and even the good ones I view simply as side-story fluff pieces, just there to have a good, fun, big-screen romp. The best part of the TV shows are the real core of Trek's visual medium.
-Certain novels (specifically, books from the post-DS9/post-Nemesis/Destiny continuity) have matched and even slightly surpassed the very best of any of the shows as my favorite part of Trek, in terms of pure writing and character development.
-Klingons are cool. We got an overdose of them during TNG, but I still find them interesting. And the Klingons as shown in TNG and (especially) late DS9 are far more interesting than the "WE'RE ASSHOLES BECAUSE WE LIKE TO BE ASSHOLES BWAHAHA" Klingons from TOS.
-The Federation is not secretly some kind of evil, fascist, expansionist state, whose stated moral values are just a farce and a cover up, and whose citizens are cultural slaves and don't even realize it. Eddington made some decent points in concept, but only as they pertained to the Maquis, and he severely overstated his case. The Federation is not even close to being as bad as the Borg, let alone worse. The UFP and Starfleet do more good than harm, for their own citizens and for the galaxy around them.
-The Federation is not some kind of ultimate, holy, do-gooder state whose citizens will always do the right thing no matter what. Neither their population, nor their government are 100% free of corruption, dangerous ambition, greed, or plain bad judgement. Starfleet is not 100% free of those things, either.

(I've seen both sides of that Fed argument brought up many times on this board and other places over the years. I'm really not sure which one is more "unpopular", so I thought I'd cover both, since I don't buy either extreme, myself. )

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