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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

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My copy came in to my Kindle on Tuesday. Finished the Romulan, Ferengi, and Cardassian stories, in the middle of the Klingons.
Got my copy from Fictionwise in ePub for my 505. Paint somewhere between $7-$8. And it has the G instead of the Roo.
Is your Table of Contents working? Something must have gotten bollixed up in the conversion to Kindle's format, because the TOC is just part of the front matter, and isn't functioning as a table of contents (where by clicking on a story title, it jumps you right to that story).

I know from a technical standpoint that is fixable, but let's hope it does get fixed.
The ePub edition has two ToC. The ePub's external and the eBook's internal ToC. Both do work fine on my Sony Reader. I've noticed that a lot of the recent Star Trek books in Mobipocket either have a ToC that doesn't work well or doesn't have a ToC. AZW is just Mobipocket with a slightly different DRM. So Kindle versions will have the same ToC troubles. Time to sell you Kindle and get a reader that supports ePub. The world is going ePub and the Kindle line will be left out/behind.
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