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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

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Geez...enough with the cat fights already! Chill folks! No, I don't care who started it....
The Library gave me an extra 15 minutes so I'm reading this thread, and I wanted to say, since 'cat fights' usually means fights among females, I do think I'm the only female on this thread, and I'm a lioness, so, LION FIGHTS!


I also want to say this about reviews. There are several different reasons for reviews.

One is to generate traffic for a film.
Another is more on the order of literary criticism... comments useful to the film makers.

These purposes are not always in harmony. Often a review, even a nasty one which is clever, will generate more traffic and a positive 'literary' review.

I am interested in getting my information and reviews 'correct' because my website aims for the long term, and because I have always been the 'brainy' type. My high school nick name was "Spock." But also because I've never been successful at being one of the popular girls who get sarcastic and everyone identifies with me and laughs.

However, if a secondary audio production or less known film maker can get significantly more traffic when covered by a clever reviewer, that's great. Frankly, I support anything that gives fan films the attention I think they deserve.

I realize that Phase II, Farragut, Hidden Fronteir, and Intrepid get covered by the real press, and don't need me, or Logbook, or Fan Film Fridays, or any other fan reviewer. When I told a friend of mine that Phase II has probably had more viewers than Star Trek XI he went to my website for the first time, even though he's not a Trek fan. I know who the big boys are, and I am in appropriate awe.

But there are 40 other groups that have already produced films, (not counting another 20 to 40 that have produced parodies and comedies) and probably 40 more working on them, and I do think we provide some additional attention and audience to those, less-well-known groups. Some of these other films are really good. Some of the 180-odd audio productions are also exciting and would make great listening when you are stuck in traffic.

Awestruckness has never been a strong suit with me. My ex is a well-known right-wing political commentator, (I am a blazing moderate) and I'm been stopped and greeted on the street by a variety of famous people, some of whom I can't remember how they know me (certainly a weird turnaround!). I tend to absent-mindedly chat up people no matter who they are.

At a recent Climate Change lecture, Neil DeGrasse Tyson was not being recognised by the crowd. I waved at him. I used to be a regular at his lectures before he was famous, so he came over and we chatted about climate change, fan films and how I felt they could work with the science establishment to educate people about the frontiers of science the way old Trek used to. Will it ever happen? I've gotten interest from both some scientists and some fan film makers. Obviously, I'd rather the famous scientists get to work with the 'big boys' of the fan films. But I'm not clear about who is interested in what.

So yes, I stick my two cents in where it does not belong. I live in the USA, and we call it The First Amendment. I understand the French call it The Rights of Man.

Lion fight!
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