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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?


- Starfleet is best defined as a multipurpose space agency, not a military nor a exploration fleet or any one single thing.

- Starfleet consisted of less than 5000 ships by the 24th-Century, with most of them being small ships.

- There's nothing wrong with women in miniskirts aboard starships, especially if they're not in security or engineering.

- Insurrection was slightly better than First Contact.

- Final Frontier was better than Nemesis.

- Nemesis wasn't all that terribly bad on second viewing.

- Series V should have been a 24th-Century series about a non-Starfleet vessel with a former Starfleet officer as its captain.

- VOY's basic lost-in-space premise was terrible.

- Star Trek will return to TV sooner than some people expect (or even like) it to.

- We haven't seen the last of the Prime Universe.

- Canon and continuity are two separate things, but adhering to either is not necessarily a bad thing if done to tell new stories.

- Gene Roddenberry and Rick Berman both have been unfairly given a lot of credit and a lot of blame for things they didn't do.

- The NX-class is a cool ship...for sometime after TOS.

- The sets for Star Trek XI, ENT, VOY, etc., are made out of the same "cardboard" that the TOS sets were made of. They're just bigger, more stylish, and use more video screens.

- Star Trek XI took place in an alternate universe from the very start and that the destruction of the Kelvin only really changed the life of the Kirk in that universe.
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