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Re: Buddy Keys for Star Trek Online

Well, I'm still looking for one, and I'm not a newbie to the board or a spammer. I just blip out for years at a time. Actually I was here when Voyager was on the air, but since I didn't watch Enterprise I stopped posting a few years after Voyager was over since I didn't have much left to talk about, except the never ending Tuvix debate. And after a few years that account was deleted for inactivity, which brought big frownies to my face. Not because of board rank, but because I had to do another 50 posts before I could put up an avatar. But with the new movie, there was more new stuff to discuss and so back I came again.

In any case, I'm not a new guy who is just on here looking for a key. Maybe a few folks from the Voyager or Trek Lit forums remember me from back in the day. Maybe not. But I do want to try this game. I was wondering why I kept getting the cold shoulder about a trial key when there were threads offering them. Are the spammers that bad on STO? The only MMO I have played recently is CoH, and that was mainly pre-Katrina. And, well, definitely didn't have that problem there. But then, leveling and getting influence wasn't exactly hard there. Buying money was pointless when the high levels gave it away because they had way more than they could ever spend. Way more.
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