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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

This weekend was so rainy that I ended up working on putting together the props. We ended up ordering two phasers, three tricorders for those props. But with our communicators, we chose to order up 20 broken cell phones of the same make and model. We're painting and detailing them to look like the ST:V communicators.

As far as sets goes, tonight Ricky and I worked on the Klingon bridge set facade. The Klingon footage will be shot first, and we also contacted a lot of Klingon fans in Georgia trying to come up with two or three cast members. We've had only a few express interest, but we're hoping to find a few this week or next. (And if anyone with a Klingon costume and makeup would like to appear in the first episode of Potemkin, please let us know!)

Back to your post, we agree that everyone can benefit from sharing information. We LOVE your turbolift exit, and are looking at trying that on our set for our turbolifts and rear exit from the bridge. We're thinking of using the hardware from closet doors to get them to slide open and close. Any suggestions there?
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