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Re: Star Ship Polaris

And here are a few concepts for other vessels in the United Worlds fleet:

Again, click the image for a larger version.

There are some common elements to these designs, all inspired by certain characteristics of the Polaris. They all have disc shapes in various configurations, which I am interpreting as a key element of United Worlds FTL drive technology. Also, the two on the right follow the Polaris trend of a "vertical" profile, taking traditionally horizontal shapes and turning them on-edge.

Another feature common to all but the upper left design is a longitudinally-stacked deck configuration. I suppose the one in the upper left could have that, too, but it makes less sense with the way its hull is shaped. I'm thinking about making that one a Transhuman Authority design.

On an artistic note, I really had fun with these sketches, trying out a few new techniques, and I actually completed all of them in less than two hours. I made a deliberate effort not to overthink them, to just let the pencil flow and see what came out of it. I think the end results wound up to be fairly original.
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