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Re: TMP's goosebumps...2010

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I own the model referenced above. That is a COPY of the Phase II, made by Brick Price's shop, and then reworked to look like the TMP-E. It is absolutely not the original....and I would not have reworked the original. Other copies are visible in a few of the Planet Hollywoods... such as NYC... for your viewing pleasure.
Bless you Search4. I was horrified to see that "restoration" E in the drydock. The drydock looked great but Miarecki really needs to stay away from the E models.

I've only seen a few photos of the PII E, mainly on Andy Probert's great site. Are you able to share any photos of your original and the story of how you obtained it, and maybe clear up some of the conjecture as to its size? And what exactly was Brick Price's involvement in the PII E? Did he build the original and the copies? When and why were the copies originally made? I've seen photos of at least one of the copies and wasn't really impressed; the nacelles in particular seem to have a severe sag problem. I for one would greatly appreciate your input.
So a bit more detail - and not sure it belongs in this thread. Much of what i've put together is from several sources and apologize in advance if there are inaccuracies...this is my best understanding.

Several Planet Hollywood's show a USS Enterprise. If you look at one, and there's one in the NYC PH, they're not familiar. It is said that that this is a copy of the Phase II model, and these were made by Brick Price,

Whether or not made by Mr. Price, the one I obtained was found unclaimed from a storage facility. There are a few "original" pics below. The model is about 6 feet long and was designed to hang from strings from above (unlike a filming model). I wanted a ship to fit in the drydock, and had it modified to resemble the TMP-E. Ed Miarecki fixed the drydock but did NOT do the ship modification, that was another shop (who helped me find and check out the model).

I can't comment on the differences between the Probert-era Phase II pictures, what they might have done later as they got more final, etc. and this model.

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