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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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1. I am a fan of all the series...

-I haven't seen too many people say this in my fairly short time here. Granted, I haven't seen TOS in awhile and it's on my agenda, but I love all the series as well. It seems like most here dislike at least 1 or more of the series.

- I also liked Generations. Didn't love it, but liked it. Liked all the TNG movies in fact.

- I'm another Neelix fan. He was rough at first (as many characters are), but his genuineness and loyalty endeared him to me.

- I liked Wesley Crusher, despite the fact that he was horribly written for 90% of the time. Never understood why they created a character, and then treated the character with so much disregard.

- I agree with the OP about Pulaski. I was bummed when she was gone after only the one season. I really hated that she wasn't even mentioned after she left (at least I don't recall that happening). I've never been a big fan of Beverly Crusher at all.

- If I were to rank all the 5 main Captains, Kirk would be last.

- I scored the TNG episode The Neutral Zone a 10/10.

- Even though Enterprise scored highest as my favorite of the series, Shuttlepod One is one of my least favorite episodes.
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