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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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Berman and Braga should be blamed for only ENT, not the rest of Trek.

I doubt Trek would be around much past after Roddenberry's death without Berman's producing.

Braga was a good writer, but I can't remember a good character based script he wrote.

If anything, they lack creative gravitas.
Yeah, I can agree with that somewhat. However, I do recall Berman didn't want Andorians in TNG; and he seemed to want to get away from TOS (and TOS aspects) as much as possible.....

Yes, I am aware of Roddenberry saying he wanted no TOS aspects, which defeats the purpose of having a next generation if there isn't going to be an acknowledgment of the generation that came before. (So, I guess Roddenberry is to blamed in some respects, too)...

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