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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

There are some really good ones!

I have a few more:

1. Much of Trek is dreck. It's obviously the fans that is keeping the franchise alive, but it needs to have that crossover appeal to really breathe freely; and good storytelling helps too.

2. What You Leave Behind wasn't all that. It was very 'ghetto' to have scenes from Generations and past DS9 episodes as stock footage. (We expect this from a 1950s B-movie, but not from a 1990's sci-fi show)...

3. Data spent 7 seasons and several movies trying to find out what it is to be human; yet he is the smartest individual on the ENT.

4. Trip is dead; he ain't comin' back.

5. Ron Moore is over-rated.

6. Berman and Brannon are to be blamed for ENT, and Trek's downfall.

Yes, they had limitations; but, isn't that what a true writer/producer goes through? Trying to make art with the limitations you have? (Ex: Rod Serling...J. M. Straczynski...and many other examples).

Creative blow-out. Bullshit...

Surround yourselves with new blood; give the show new life...expand on characters that have been neglected. Think outside the fuckin' box.

7. I hate the Klingons from TNG onward.(Or rather, I don't care for the Klingons from TNG onward). Hate is kind of a strong word.
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