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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

1. Star Trek: Enterprise is a series that is either best to be forgotten or should never be watched at all. It is the Galaxy Quest version of Star Trek that feels more like the 24th century than the 22nd century.

2. Archer is not even worthy enough to be kicked in the face by the boots of Kirk. Admiral Forest should have been Captain and the there should have been no 24th century akira class designed starship named Enterprise.

3. Star Trek Enterprise's canonical errors is a clear disrespect towards the Star Trek franchise. They were not only insulting, but they were completely unbelievable in the context of the other series.

4. Jolene Blalock is the worst actress in Star Trek.

5. Female Vulcans would never wear sexy cat suits like Seven of Nine. Especially in the 22nd Century.

6. Hand held projectile weapons (not phasers or phase pistols) and nuclear missiles (not phase canons or energy weapons) should have been the weapons of choice on Star Trek: Enterprise.

7. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was not boring.

8. Picard, his crew, and yes even Data was seriously effected mentally (by the region) into wrongfully rebelling against Federation Orders in Insurrection.

9. Star Trek: Voyager is more re-watchable than Star Trek: The Next Generation.

10. Star Trek: The Next Generation's one shot story line's is a weaker form of writing.

11. Technically, there are no mistakes or canonical errors on Star Trek if one is imaginative enough to think around them. Sure it is a TV show, but it is also something more than that, though, too.

12. Berman was clearly insane when he said Nemesis was a good movie. Honestly, I really love the guy. However, he seriously lost his way big time at some point.

13. Brannon should never be allowed to write or produce anything ever again because of TATV. Nice guy, and he has done some great episodes, but like Berman, he has lost touch with the core of Star Trek.

14. Jeri Ryan is the sexiest woman alive.

15. Katherine Janeway was way out of line when she tried to kill Tom Paris in Thirty Days.

16. Deep Space Nine's last episode was horribly written and should have been a big budgeted direct to DVD movie written by some of the best writers within the industry.

17. Ronald D Moore was great on Deep Space Nine, but he clearly sucked at re-making Battlestar Galactica.

18. The Animated Series is over rated.

19. The Original Series is pure genius and still is one of the best science fiction shows today.

20. Shatner did a great acting job in The Original Series.

21. All of the cast or characters on Deep Space Nine were brilliant.

22. Neelix should have died from a really horrific death on Voyager.

23. Tom Paris and Harry Kim should have expanded the shuttle bay and created an entire fleet of Delta flyers for them to command.

24. I am happy that there is no current Star Trek series at the moment. So far, the JJ Abram's reboot and continuing films are good enough for me.

25. The porn industry shouldn't be allowed to tarnish the image of Star Trek.

26. Data should have created an android version of Spot to eventually replace the original. In addition, this android Spot would have mini missile launchers that would pop out of his sides as a defense mechanism, too.

27. It's okay to wear a starfleet uniform. As long as no one besides your fellow Trekkies sees you in it (Unless of course you get a one time gig at being an extra within a movie or something).

28. The Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker triumvirate is an insult to the core trio within the Original Series.

29. Porthos should have had an episode where the entire crew depended on him for their very survival. Perhaps everyone gotten shrunken down in size and they had to use Porthos in order to get to a certain part of the ship to help save the day.

30. I liked a Night in Sickbay. It felt like a comedic dream. Kind of like the entire series.

31. There really should have been bathroom scenes within Star Trek.

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