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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

Why not? In no particular order:

Data is unbelievable and makes Next Generation unwatchable. What kind of android wants to get senile and die. The damn thing's busted!

DS9 was pretty bad, being Berman's first series. Voyager was much better. And Enterprise was even better written, except that, just as he promised, it wasn't your father's (aka my) Trek.

Manny Coto Trek was awful beyond belief. Trek is dead. They shouldn't bring back Trek until they replace the miniskirts and catsuits with nipples and penises.

Ferengi aren't symbolic of capitalism and worse, they're not funny. The Ron Moore Klingons are silly and dull and uncomfortably like condescending to African Americans.

Modern Trek is horribly damaged by writers who believe big words are technobabble, and can't tell the difference between good fictional science and simple stupidity.

Star Trek is still more progressive than all of its sequel series.

The Founders are the "silver blood" aliens from Voyager's Demon episode, inexplicably taken seriously for seven years, instead of two episodes.

Voyager's biggest problem was that two lead characters, Paris and Torres, were basically blobs of emo instead of real characters.

If you have characters who can foretell the future but they don't, you've screwed up the series. Ira Behr not only couldn't figure this out in seven years of DS9 but still couldn't in four years of The 4400!

Kira Nerys is unbelievable and Terry Farrell makes me want to change the channel. Wherever I see her. (Not looking at you, Becker.)
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