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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

NCC-1701 wrote: View Post
Neelix when employed in a decent storyline (Rise, Fair Trade, Mortal Coil) was a rather likeable character
I like Star Trek V and don't think Sybok was a bad character at all
I consider The Animated Series a part of the official Star Trek continuity
I like the theme song from Enterprise
All of these apply to me.
M-Red wrote: View Post
I liked Robin Curtis more than Kirstey Alley.
I wouldn't wanna watch TMP ever again....even if someone paid me.
And these.
Arpy wrote: View Post
There are not more humanoids than non-humanoids in the galaxy.
I agree with this - but I think that it is likely that most of the species we would encounter regularly in spacecraft would be, due to form following function and competition for the same resources. It's entirely possible that 80 or more of the races of the Federation are non-biped-humanoids that are perfectly content to let the bipeds travel space, and to share their worlds with them.
RichMerk wrote: View Post
2. I think the Temporal Cold War would have been a really cool idea if they had actually gone ahead and done it instead of just half-heartedly referring to it a few times and then forgetting about it completely.
Yes! Fleets of 22nd century Klingons fighting a squadron of Wells-class ships! Tholian-hired Roman (yes, Roman, not Romulan) mercenaries performing a boarding action against a Valdore-class. And through it all, only 22nd century Captain Archer and his holographic companion from the 30th century remember what the original timeline is supposed to be like as they get shifted from parallel timeline to parallel timeline, hoping each time that the next shift will return them home.
DevilEyes wrote: View Post
ENT is actually a rather good series.
I think that Jolene Blalock's acting on ENT was excellent.
I think City on the Edge of Forever is a bit overrated - sure, it's a good episode, but it's not OMG THE BEST EVA! etc.
I'm with you on these.
RegFan wrote: View Post
Yesterday's Enterprise is a very bad episode. (that's a very unpopular opinion)
I can't stand Tasha Yar.
And I support these statements, as well, with the qualifiers that I do confess to enjoying the novelty of the two Enterprises in the episode, and I do like Denise Crosby - she seems to have at least a modicum of respect for the fans.
lstyer wrote: View Post
I'm not sure this is unpopular, but I absolutely hate the "V" on the foreheads of TNG Romulans.
I hate it as long as it remains unexplained. If they actually explained that the Romulan government attempted to reinforce their species with the best traits from a few others (maybe the ridges are Klingon, and TNG Romulans have a sturdier skeletal system?) sometime between TOS and TNG - possibly as a measure to bolster themselves while at war with whomever that was they were distracted with for 40 years.

I also despise the bowl cuts - and especially their retroactive inclusion in Enterprise.
plynch wrote:
I HATE the Ent-D.
Agreed. She's a top-heavy hotel in space that looks like she should flip over forward at any moment.

Now, some of my own:

I can't stand Will Riker or Jonathan Frakes, or Chakotay or Robert Beltran.
I don't find any of the series regular women from TOS, TNG, or Voyager remotely attractive.
I didn't enjoy "Sarek" at all. In fact, it made me kinda angry.
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