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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

Third season TOS better than second. Weirdness trumps Big-2 rut.

I think Way to Eden is actually good. If ITS production values bother you, then be consistent and be bothered by ALL of TOS' production values.

I don't think TOS' City on the Edge of Forever is ALL that great.

I HATE the Ent-D. I didn't know there were people who loved it, frankly. Super huge bulbous saucer with tiny nacelles. Looks like a decent model got left in the oven when somebody turned it on pre-heat without looking first.

I don't mind Wesley.

Garak is THE BEST character in all of Trek. If you made a clips DVD of his dialog, you'd swear he had an entirely dif. stable of writers than the other characters got.

Enough for now.

No - one more: Nemesis is no worse than most Berman era flicks.
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