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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions — What Are Yours?

NCC-1701 wrote: View Post
I loved Pulaski and wish she would have stayed on The Next Generation
Neelix — when employed in a decent storyline (Rise, Fair Trade, Mortal Coil) — was a rather likeable character
I consider The Animated Series a part of the official Star Trek continuity
I like the theme song from Enterprise
lstyer wrote: View Post
I like TOS Klingons, even up through the movies, way more than TNG Klingons...

I'm not sure this is unpopular, but I absolutely hate the "V" on the foreheads of TNG Romulans. It was a damn plot point in "Balance of Terror" that the Romulans looked just like Vulcans, and with that big "V" on their foreheads they look no more like Vulcans than whatever forehead alien of the week looks like Humans.
I think that by the time of TNG Gene Roddenberry was buying his own hype and Trek as a whole suffered for that.
These points could be mine as well.
- DS9 is a soap opera and since I do not like soap operas, it is my least favorite series.
- TOS is still my favorite series, its production standards are good for its time and should not be compared to later production standards.
- Wesley Crusher was my favorite TNG main character. Too bad Beverly did not stay at SF Medical so he could be his own person.
- Pulaski was a much better character than Dr. Crusher. I like her attitude, even her android prejudice which made her believable as a character.
- ENT was a bad idea for a series. It was boxed in by canon. We already knew what a Klingon, Vulcan, etc. was so what was new to explore?
- ^ST09 got it right in that department, if canon gets in the way it has to go in order to tell the story.

Thanks for providing a thread where we can all get it off our collective chests.
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