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Re: Next comic mini-series/one-shots?

Ticked so many boxes!

I am generally adverse to things in each series tv era, especially with TOS and TNG, as that era has been so extensively explored many many times before. I donít mind either way with DS9, and ticked in favour of tv era stuff for Voyager and Enterprise, as both are quite under developed and still have lots of space to fill.

However I would prefer for all series things set after the series, I'm especially disappointed that IDW have barely touched the TOS movie era; one Alien Spotlight, one Captain's Log, and the Wrath of Khan adaptation.

My preference is always for the less explored areas, I'd rather see some obscure take on the universe than another 5YM on Kirk's or Picard's Enterprises. So more Alien Spotlight the better. I'd be very excited to see a Titan series, and would love to see more Pike/April era stuff.

I also think there's a box missing; pre-Neroverse, with the Kelvin, or the alternate timeline era before the main setting of the film (seeing how it diverged and such).
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