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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

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Considering how you don't like star trek humans - especially when you perceive them as arrogant - I find it interesting that you're such a devoted fan of the cardassians, whose arrogance dwarfs humans' by a wide margin.
I think the difference is that the Cardassians are honest about what they have become, and in the end, they are forced to confront it and see the truth for what it is. That is the thing that humanity has never had to do, in the Trekiverse--they're still in denial. It's easier for me to believe the Cardassians have potential.

And James--there were rank insignia on the old-style uniforms, placed in the inverted "spoon" shape on the uniform. I figured that's what you were referring to, and that (to me) was the tip-off that we were discussing the original uniforms.

As to the new uniforms, I personally think the rank is indicated on them as well...but I personally think it's written, rather than indicated with insignia.
You do realize that the "human" story takes place in the mirror universe, right? So any complaints you have about Trek's portrayal of humanity probably won't apply.
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