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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

Post-TOS Klingons are rubbish - I much prefer the little smooth headed bastards rather than girly haired warriors harping on about 'honour' whenever it suited them.

Star Trek V is brilliant - Probably the best 'idea' of all the Star Trek films, with some brilliant dialogue (even if certain characters are short changed. Still, fuck 'em). I hate how Star Trek somehow became synonymous with 'action' after the 'failure' of V.

Series IV of Enterprise is as good as any TNG season (certainly better than I and II).

Trek XI is not the 2nd coming of Star Trek - Probably the worst story of any Star Trek. Kirk and Spock have had their day but if we're going to use them then use them and not some mirror versions.

Male Chauvinism is okay - Mini skirts FTW. Also, so what if all Uhura does is answer the phone? That's her job.

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