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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

Cool topic. Some of mine echo others, but here goes:

1. "Far Beyond The Stars" is criminally over-rated. Watched it again at the weekend - it's OTT, melodramatic and without a proper resolution ("ooh, that's what makes it so deep and interesting!" fans may cry, but I ain't buying it).

2. I preferred DS9 before it became over-focused on the war. It lose what made it special. My fave seasons are 4-5. Seasons six and seven were disappointing.

3. TWOK is also very over-rated. It's fine, but no better or worse than "The Search For Spock" in my opinion.

4. Pulaksi is certainly a lot more interesting than Crusher! I wish she'd stayed on after season 2.

5. TNG Season 2 is a great season, that's often grouped up with season 1 in most people's minds, in the argument that "season 3 is when it became good". I think season 2 is a strong run, with several real standout episodes.

6. "Nemesis" is a decent Trek movie. It had the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of the TNG (indeed, all Trek) movies. It wasn't the best, but definitely not the worst (TMP takes that title).

7. Rick Berman did far more good for Trek than he ever did bad. It frustrates me no end that most fanboyz forget he was there from 1987 and did an epic job of steering Star Trek.

8. "Q" is a lame character that outstayed his welcome post-"Deja Q".
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