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Considering how you don't like star trek humans - especially when you perceive them as arrogant - I find it interesting that you're such a devoted fan of the cardassians, whose arrogance dwarfs humans' by a wide margin.
I think the difference is that the Cardassians are honest about what they have become, and in the end, they are forced to confront it and see the truth for what it is. That is the thing that humanity has never had to do, in the Trekiverse--they're still in denial. It's easier for me to believe the Cardassians have potential.
Humans are still in denial about what?
About being arrogant? The Federation is the least arrogant of the trekverse powers.

About being imperialists? They're demonstrably not.

About not following a moral code? The Federation follows morals to the point of appearing stupid or suicidal at times.
One could argue, though, that the moral code the 24th century Federation follows is, in part, atrocious - I'm talkinng, primarily, about the darwinian interpretation of the prime Directive.

As for the cardassians - they are arrogant and imperialists - and they were at no point in denial about this; they just consider it is their right to be so.

On-screen, they paid the full price for their arrogance and then some - but there's no evidence that they changed their mentality.
In the relaunch literature, the cardassians are, indeed, leaving behind this worldview - in part due to their losses in the war, in part due to Federation influence and in part due to their resurgent religion.

To conclude, neither humans nor cardassians were - or are - in denial about what they are.
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