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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

Think part of the problem is we've already got the keeper league, so most of the people that would play anyway are already in that one, and most aren't doing both. Either way, with only a couple days left and 4 spots to fill, I'm going to go ahead and kill the yearly league for this year. I've asked around everyone I can think of (we only got to 8 players because I had a work friend in it), just doesn't look like it's gonna happen this year.

As for the Keeper league question, you can only keep 6 players, so not as much of an advantage as you're thinking. The new owner would take over a team, not start from scratch, so he has his own roster to make picks from as well, plus gets first shot at anyone not kept, before the regular draft start. Either way, Coaster found a buddy to take the spot, so we're good for the time being.
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