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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

Nerys Ghemor asked:
Where was Macet at the time? And beyond that, I especially wonder where Glinn Daro was. The way he was talking in "The Wounded" made me think he knew something very deep about the incident, and I find myself wondering what ship's crew you see him as being part of: Enkoa's, Relaw's, or one of the ships that came after? Or was he not present on the planet but just knew of it?
Macet could be anywhere; it's a big fleet. As for Daro, I imagined he'd be on one of the later ships sent out, perhaps involved in the ground conflict (referenced in "Empok Nor").

I'm curious, though, about the rank insignia--is this an indication that they're wearing the old-style uniform from "The Wounded"? I ask because I've never noticed the sigils on the standard black uniform.
Artistic licence, here. I pictured the older uniforms but with insignia added (which makes more sense to me).

Thanks for the comments!
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