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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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I don't believe that Vulcans were ever really supposed to have any emotions, mate at any time other than their 7 year Pon Farrishy thing, and were not at all nice. That was the whole point of Mr. Spock! It was his HUMAN side that made him special and sympathetic. We weren't supposed to like the Vulcans--those green-blooded alien bastards!
That's not an opinion. That's not knowing/refusing to acknowledge the facts.
(And for those, check out any interview by Trek writers such as D.C.Fontana, who stated that the Vulcans were most definitely meant to MATE ANY DAMN TIME THEY WANTED, and everything else was just a fan misinterpretation. For having "no emotions" - heck, check out the episodes themselves... Amok Time, Journey to Babel, All Our Yesterdays...)

The only thing that you're right about is that they're "not all nice". Well of course they aren't. They have violent emotions that they have to work hard to suppress! They nearly destroyed themselves in the past with wars and aggression! And they're arrogant about their "logic".

SheliakBob wrote: View Post
OH. And I loved Enterprise's take on Vulcans and thought that it was as close to the original concept as we'd seen in decades!
I liked ENT's take on Vulcans (at least since they fixed the continuity problems in season 4), but how on Vulcan can you possibly claim that it was close to the "original concept" while erroneously claiming that there original concept was that they had no emotions or could not mate outside of Pon Farr? The Vulcans in ENT were extremely emotional, and I'm not just talking about T'Pol as an obvious example (the bad guy V'les looked like he could hardly restrain himself from shouting and punching everyone in the room!) and *cough* we definitely know that T'Pol mated out of Pon Farr.

I'm also at a loss as to which post-TOS series/movie made the Vulcans look "nice" and "fluffy"?

TNG - the only Vulcans in it were Sarek, a TOS character, and Selar, who was in one episode and we barely got to know her.

TNG movies - I don't remember any significant Vulcan characters.

DS9 - the only Vulcans were 1) a Maquis terrorist who participated in blowing up a ship full of people, and tried to force a mind meld on a prisoner, 2) a Starfleet captain who was a real jerk, arrogant and bigoted, 3) a serial killer.

VOY - Tuvok was the grumpiest, most humorless Vulcan ever seen, and he had disturbing, violent impulses that could have made him a killer without his self-control. He also could use aggression and forced melds when investigating a case (Random Thoughts). Then there was also Vorik, who during Pon Farr tried to force a crewmember to have sex with him against her will.

ST09 - every Vulcan character is arrogant, bigoted and prejudiced towards humans, from the teenage bullies to the Vulcan Science Academy. Sarek only gets to be nicer after he and his son have suffered the loss of Amanda. Spock is also arrogant and stiff throughout the first half of the movie and does things like leaving Kirk behind on a planet.
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