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Next comic mini-series/one-shots?

Hi everyone,

Just compiled a new poll on new comic mini-series/one-shots you'd like to see produced. Please indicate categories that would excite you and add details, such as preferred writers and illustrators, in your text responses. Hmmm, forgot to expand a few contractions. VAN is "Vanguard", from the novels, of course. SCE/CoE is from the eBook series, "Starfleet Corps of Engineers".

Me? I voted for most eras and will happily support any ST comic that comes along, both individual issues and trade omnibuses. I'd really love to see comic versions of the crew set-ups established by Pocket's Titan, Excelsior, Vanguard, ST: TMP ("Ex Machina"!) and more New Frontier. And how about a "Shran" solo issue?
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