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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

I also think that Adm. Daugherty was right in Insurrection. The Baku seemed pretty selfish and petty to me.

I liked Robin Curtis more than Kirstey Alley.

I like "These Are The Voyages..."

I thought introducing a new Dax for Season 7 was unnecessary and unsuccessful.

I wouldn't wanna watch TMP ever again....even if someone paid me.*

Not one single main character who lasts throughout TOS or TNG gets on my nerves (I don't count Wesley, Pulaski, or Tasha as "lasting main characters"). I genuinely like all of them.

*Amazingly, that doesn't mean I think TMP is actually the worst movie -- TFF? INS? NEM? Each makes a strong cases in their own right --but TMP is just the movie that I would least want to have to sit through all over again.
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