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One question I have for anyone who has read Strange Detractors (or even Keith if he's not too busy writing the Scorpius mini-series...or the gazillion other projects I know he's busy with): Sikozu said she made a deal with War-Minister Ahkna to spy on Scorpius and the Moya crew in exchange for freeing the Kalish people. However, I'm surprised the Kalish were actually freed. I would never trust a Scarran's word but furthermore why would Emperor Staleek honor the deal (especially considering his bumpy history with Ahkna)?
Oh, trust me, it all makes sense and there's a story there -- but I'm not about to tell it here.

Trust me, that's all been worked out in my head, and discussed with Rockne (bringing Sikozu back was my idea, and her backstory in SD was all mine, but Rock approved all of it), and it'll be in the comics if and when it needs to be.
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