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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

I loved The Way to Eden and Spock's Brain.
I think Trek V is goofy good fun. (triple-breasted cat woman! Woooooo!)

I don't believe that Vulcans were ever really supposed to have any emotions, mate at any time other than their 7 year Pon Farrishy thing, and were not at all nice. That was the whole point of Mr. Spock! It was his HUMAN side that made him special and sympathetic. We weren't supposed to like the Vulcans--those green-blooded alien bastards!

That one didn't even survive all the way through TOS. But I've
never liked the continuing fluffinization of Vulcans. Mean, heartless, emotionless, merciless computing machines is what they were supposed to be! demmit.

(I's glad they went and blew up the planet, before it got any more simperingly NICE! blech.)

OH. And I loved Enterprise's take on Vulcans and thought that it was as close to the original concept as we'd seen in decades!

Boy howdy, it sure feels good to get these things off me chest! yup.
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