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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

So we've finally come to the point of lack of interest in a yearly Fantasy Baseball League for the Trekbbs? Tis a sad day I think. Yeah I know a lot of people here don't care about sports and stuff like that, but it seems like a lot of people who did either left, or have discontinued to post here, which I guess is the same thing.

I hope we do get 4 more people by the time of the draft, but now I don't know if we well. I don't know anyone personally who is interested, which is why I really haven't pursued it, and I try to keep my real life and internet life separate always. I remember though there was a time when there was a ton of interest but that has really dwindled in the last few years. I know life takes precedence, but if you have time to post here, than you have time to play Fantasy Baseball, which isn't that much anyway.

I would be interested in a Keeper League but I've always had a confusion/problem with it. If someone joins a keeper league kind of late in the game, doesn't that provide an unfair advantage. If everyone is keeping the stars, than someone who hasn't been in the league is left with the scrub players. Is it really that bad or am I off base here? Seems like it's too late to join any kind of Keeper league.
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