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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

This question cannot be answered reliable because the entire premise of The Borg had changed so radically. When we first met them, they didn't assimilate other species. They grew replacement drones and outfitted them with cybernetic implants at birth. They wanted nothing to do with bringing other species into their collective. They just cared about technology. When Picard was assimilated, it was an entirely new, radical tactic.

Once I, Borg comes along, suddenly every member of the Borg collective is an unwilling participant in the hive mind and can be freed from it. This does not jive with what we were originally told about them. Therefore, the question cannot be answered due to conflicting data.

Further, how stupid is it that the Borg go all batty once they assimilate an individual? Aren't we supposed to believe that the Borg had been assimilating individuals for thousands of years? Why is it that Hugh suddenly screws them up?
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