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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz

Propaganda Under the Guise of Entertainment Inc. presents…
An Enterprise1981 Production

“Faces in the Crowd”

Historian’s Note: The main events of this story take place one month after the events of “Tears of the Prophets” (DS9).

Partial transcript of 5 February 2375 edition of Countdown: Cardassia, Federation News Service

Mur Ol’Mav: Good evening from FNS headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. I’m Mur Ol’Mav. Today is the 47th day since the Federation Alliance’s seizure of the Chin’toka system. Moving beyond Chin’toka has become increasingly problematic with each passing solar day. Dominion forces continue throwing a substantial majority of its resources in the sector to driving out the Allied presence, all the while fortifying defenses within adjacent star systems.

The first effort in taking out the Monac Four shipyards was an unmitigated disaster. Detachments from the Second and Ninth Fleets were vastly outnumbered. Less than a tenth of those ships deployed were able to fall back at Chin’toka. Not even the devastating losses in the Tyra System last year incurred such a high casualty percentage.

Based on reconnaissance reports of a massive communications relay on the sixth planet of star system AR-558, the first contingent of troops was deployed today. Reports coming in over the last hour indicate that half the troop transports were lost just near the system’s Oort cloud.
We turn now to FNS foreign affairs correspondent Velisa for more details. Good evening, Velisa.

Velisa: Good evening, Mur.

Ol’Mav: Velisa, of course, has covered various diplomatic sessions between the Federation and the Romulan Empire in the last few months. The Romulan entry into the war was certainly a major turning point. On the one hand, it did throw the enemy off balance, but on the other hand, they have a tight grip on all three fronts.

Velisa: We’ve certainly seen in the last year that the Dominion has a remarkable resilience. Once the Romulans opened a new front, the Dominion set up a staging area and heavily fortified. We knock off a shipyard, a munitions depot, or a ketracel white plant, they immediately, as you said, fortify the neighboring star systems.

Ol’Mav: And now they’ve taken that strategy up a notch now that we have a foothold in their territory.
With the latest developments in mind, Velisa, how long would you estimate before we’re at the main house ready to bust the front door down?

Velisa: I was really hoping you wouldn’t ask that. With this kind of defensive posturing we’ve seen again and again, strategic analysts are projecting heavy collateral damage even in victory with thirty to forty percent casualties for each major offensive. Right now, I would say a year is optimistic. This operation could take two years at the most, even with as radical a shift as an anti-Dominion coup on Cardassia.

Ol’Mav: What a mess that will be before it’s all over. Velisa, great thanks for your time.

This date in history, February 5th by the Earth Gregorian calendar. In 2010, the Aka-Bo language on Earth became extinct when its last speaker died. In 2062, a Vulcan space probe in Sector 001 reveals plans for a new faster-than-light prototype ship in Earth’s North American continent. And in 2268, the planet Coridan was officially admitted into Federation.
"Desperate Alliances" are forged.
Join the hunt to stop "Omega".

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