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Re: Farscape comics

OmahaStar wrote: View Post
They're good, but awfully expensive. They're only 22 pages, and 4 bucks for that.
Maybe, but $16 for a tradeback isn't too bad especially as a hardback.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Haven't read the trades yet. Waiting for the library to get them in. I wonder if anyone would consider doing an adaption of the great "Horizons" short story that O'Bannon wrote before the Peacekeeper Wars. Perhaps alter a couple of the details that clashed with the PKW (I personally think the story works on its own pretty well) maybe even just a one shot deal and collect it with something else.
I would love to see "Horizons" adapted although I don't think any changes are needed to be made. The story itself provides means for D'Argo's presence and the only other problem is the name of John and Aeryn's oldest child. I'm sure that can be fixed with a Farscape-esque explanation.
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