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Farscape comics

Despite knowing about this coming over a year and a half ago (I dug up the old thread to refresh my memory), I've finally picked up the first three mini-series available out in tradeback (The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, Strange Detractors, and D'Argo's Lament). I've read the first two and love them both immensely. I felt like I was reliving the series all over again. Keith DeCandido captured the voices of the characters masterfully (especially John, Aeryn and Scorpius) and the stories are the typical batshit crazy extravaganzas I expect from Farscape.

I can't wait to read D'Argo's Lament as well as the subsequent mini-series (I've already pre-ordered all of the tradebacks on Amazon). Plus I just read the January interview with Keith and David Mack about the upcoming Scorpius mini-series. I CANNOT wait for this mini-series considering Scorpius is not only my favorite villain in any medium, but he's of one of my favorite literary characers period.

One question I have for anyone who has read Strange Detractors (or even Keith if he's not too busy writing the Scorpius mini-series...or the gazillion other projects I know he's busy with): Sikozu said she made a deal with War-Minister Ahkna to spy on Scorpius and the Moya crew in exchange for freeing the Kalish people. However, I'm surprised the Kalish were actually freed. I would never trust a Scarran's word but furthermore why would Emperor Staleek honor the deal (especially considering his bumpy history with Ahkna)?

My only hope the future is the return of Stark. He's my favorite character from the show (yes, even over Scorpius) and I hope we haven't seen the last of him.
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