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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

We've made it to Friday, which brings up a question I've been tossing around in my noggin. I write Fan Film Friday at and link to it in a thread here in part because I like the title (Remember kids: Always Avoid Alliteration!) and in part because we're heading into the weekend, when many readers and posters have more time to check out the independent productions than during the work week.

Is it a good idea to also post the latest version of my calendar on Friday, or is that too much of a good thing on one day? Obviously, anyone can post here at any time and make announcements regarding their projects (ending or starting or anything in between). On the other hand, this was a slow week in FFF news other than the few new projects that are slated to become available in the next couple of weeks.

I did get confirmation that Star Trek: Osiris will finish its two-part pilot on the date in the calendar. I want to remind anyone who has news about fan films, animations, audio dramas and things like that can put them up here in this TrekBBS thread and I'll incorporate that into the calendar.
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