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Re: Picard and USS Reliant

Here is my list of ships named USS Antares, it is quite confusing thank you very much MJF.
USS Antares, Antares Class (USS Hermes NCC-10376 class) with the registry I would think it would be an early 24th Century Starship. Which was classified in Star Trek Encyclopedia. According to the Stargazer Novel: Progenitor, a Stargazer officer was formerly an science officer on the vessel, but the ship was decommissioned prior to 2333. During this time, Picard and Gruzinov served on the ship.

USS Antares, Constellation class in 2333 according to Stargazer novels Gauntlet and Enigma

USS Antares, Miranda class, around the 2370s, the vessel was a trainer and Geordi La Forge was an instructor according to Star Trek Orion Rendezvous, which was a live action planetarium show.
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