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SyFy's programming Summer 2010

Oh they are going there.
a heightened focus on reality TV.

Damn. NBC Universal owns SyFy and they are doing it in this niche channel. So much for Science Fiction.
This pretty much is the nail in the coffin of this channel staying in the science fiction world at least starting on Thursdays...
a new bloc of Thursday reality TV, starting July 15, 2010.

Syfy announced it is currently developing eight new reality series
Force of Nature, The Latimer Project, Mr. Impossible, Paranormal Files, Face Off, The Dome Experiment, and Untitled Artifact Search Series.
each show has a detailed synopsis at the realitytvworld link below.

One of the new shows:
The Dome Experiment
will document 12 test subjects from various walks of life and seal them in a bio-environment known as "The Dome."

The subjects will rely on each other for needs ranging from food and shelter to entertainment and security while also competing in various challenges and experiments
a cross between Big Brother/Fear Factor/Survivor...
reminds me a little of a show idea I thought about of scientists at the MARS research station in this thread:
idea for science docu-reality TV series

A 3 month+ sealed-in show idea has already been considered by the European Space Agency and Russian Academy of Science's Institute for Medical-Biological Problems project who were doing a real 105-day sealed in experiment with 6 people.
You can see a 2 minute video tour of the capsule here:
The BBC's Richard Galpin gets a sneak preview of the capsule

Well The Dome Experiment is produced by the same production company that makes:
"The Biggest Loser, "Breaking Bonaduce" (2005), "Supergroup" (2006), "Hammertime" (2009), "Beauty and the Geek" (2005) so that track record should give you a real example of what to expect of course closer to the production values of the cable TV reality shows and not the broadcast network reality show budgets...
I'm guessing 20-30 days similar to CBS' Big Brother and there will be a few women and possible intimate situations...just like MTV's The Real World.

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