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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

Don't read the reviews then if it messes up your viewing. Why do you keep reiterating that point. We got it the first four or five posts. I enjoy reading the reviews. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. But who gives a "it rhymes with buck". Besides your pointless posts contribute nothing to the topic of Upcoming Productions from March/April/May.

No offense to Dennis, I kind of like a schedule or at least a ballpark. Oh well, life stalls our hobbies at times, so it is very understandable, unless your Starship Farragut, then I can wait because of Taggert's comments, but will I read Hall's reviews, not too much because they fall within the bad humor within reviews that I find distasteful. Sorry, but I like the tentative schedule that you throw up. Good work.
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