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Re: Star Trek: Titan - Synthesis: Discuss / Grade <SPOILERS>

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(hmmm, I wonder what Choblik would do if they ever found an animal species in a similiar state to their own pre-Builder existence. Would they want to "help" and upgrade them, or would that be a blasphemous act of "playing Builder"?)
Since no species is entirely uniform in its thinking, I'm sure there would be Choblik on both sides of the question. As for the prevailing cultural sentiment, though... well, as I conceived it, the Choblik culture embraces engineering and building as a way of honoring the Great Builders by following their example. They don't really see the Builders as "gods," but as extremely advanced technologists whose level they aspire to eventually reach. However, they may not consider themselves ready yet to take on the responsibility of a creative act as complex and delicate as Uplift (to borrow David Brin's term). It's not a matter of blasphemy or anything as abstract and emotional as that -- just a matter of pragmatism, a recognition that their skills and knowledge haven't yet advanced to the necessary level.
Thanks. I forgot to take into account that the Choblik tend towards extreme rationality and logic rather than abstract emotion when it comes to motivations and decisions.
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