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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

Geez...enough with the cat fights already! Chill folks! No, I don't care who started it....

Anyway, there is a point to be made when it comes to critically reviewing fan productions. As was pointed out before things went too far downhill, the biggest gripes are usually over the quality of the acting. Professional producers have access to a talent pool that those of us on the amateur side simply don't. Even though casting calls routinely draw large responses at established houses, it doesn't take long when you review them that acting is a lot more difficult than professionals make it look or sound. For all the grief actors like Garret Wang, Bruce Boxleitner or Majel Barret took at times, the fact is that they perform at a much higher level than the vast majority of amateur performers. I agree that's pretty obvious, but it's just worth remembering when you're ready to rip somebody for a performance that doesn't meet the standards we've learned to expect from TV, movies and professional stage presentations. One of the things I like to look at in a series like Phase II or even Exeter is the improvement from episode to episode. Compare the performances of the Big Three of James, Charles and John in WEAT to In Harm's Way and I think you'll come away very impressed. In Exeter, I think it's much the same.

Certainly I understand how tough it can be to accept criticism. Excelsior was on the receiving end of a review on that had a lot of valid points laced with unnecessary sarcasm and completely off base projections about the motivations and background of yours truly. Oh well, amateur productions and amateur criticism... I guess things like that are to be expected.
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