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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

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>>>>"It seems that she only gets to have temper tantrums. That can only last so long before her character becomes a word that rhymes with “snitch.” Seriously? Really?

First of all, don't call her a bitch if you aren't prepared to call her a bitch. It's already demeaning, but even if it's accurate don't sugar-coat it. This isn't first grade. Secondly, so the fuck what? Perhaps she was written this way. Perhaps it was a by product of the actress' performance. Perhaps there's just something we don't know yet because the story is unfolding slowly? Just seems pointless to go to the effort of rhyming it out and not have any kind of follow-through beyond the fact that the reviewer thinks she "only gets to throw tantrums."

It's just one example of the minor, points that really don't matter a hell of a lot to me with regard to a film being reviewed. I've watched every episode Farragut has released and honestly, Smithfield never came across this way to me; yet while the reviewer makes sure to include this little tidbit, it is otherwise not an in-depth review, it's all sizzle and no bacon.<<<<

I didn't want her character to continue moving in that direction. I didn't accuse her of being something, I said I was concerned she was heading that.way, so I used a concept many folks here apparently have little contact with: humor.
But that's not what you did. You may not have "accused" her of being something, but you seemed to be suggesting that whatever characterization has been presented is, in your mind, thus far only able to lead to one outcome -- that Smithfield is a "rhymes with 'snitch'"

I'm not saying you can't come to that conclusion in your review; I'm just saying if you're going to go there, go there. Don't mince words.

Further, throwing out veiled insults as at best, a means of deflecting the issue at hand and at worst, completely ignoring the point being addressed isn't really the best way to represent yourself, especially if you are expecting to be taken seriously as a critic.

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I'm confused.

"The only difference I have with this series as opposed to that film is the response I get..."

Which series? Which film? I'm assuming Farragut is one of them, but to which other series/film are you referring/comparing to?
You are indeed confused if you think I'm going to point fingers and say nasty things about people whom I think are doing tremendous work for the fans.

Definitely confused.
1) I'm confused because of your poorly worded post, Randy. The way that post I referenced was written, it is exceedingly difficult to understand what you're going on about, and my response to it was a genuine query in an attempt to understand what you were saying. I was in no way asking or suggesting you 'point fingers and say nasty things" about anyone.

2) You seriously need to drop this wounded, passive-aggressive tone in your posts. You're no victim; stop acting like one. I'm honestly trying to understand whatever point it is you were making earlier but these little emotional roller coaster rides aren't helping.

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Ever notice how people accuse someone of attacking someone else are by using the word "attack" they are the ones doing the attacking?
I'm going to assume, for the sake of argument, this is directed at me, and since I'm the only one who sees fit to respond to you.

Exactly where -- in any of my responses to this thread -- did I attack you, Randy?

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