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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

>>>>"It seems that she only gets to have temper tantrums. That can only last so long before her character becomes a word that rhymes with “snitch.” Seriously? Really?

First of all, don't call her a bitch if you aren't prepared to call her a bitch. It's already demeaning, but even if it's accurate don't sugar-coat it. This isn't first grade. Secondly, so the fuck what? Perhaps she was written this way. Perhaps it was a by product of the actress' performance. Perhaps there's just something we don't know yet because the story is unfolding slowly? Just seems pointless to go to the effort of rhyming it out and not have any kind of follow-through beyond the fact that the reviewer thinks she "only gets to throw tantrums."

It's just one example of the minor, points that really don't matter a hell of a lot to me with regard to a film being reviewed. I've watched every episode Farragut has released and honestly, Smithfield never came across this way to me; yet while the reviewer makes sure to include this little tidbit, it is otherwise not an in-depth review, it's all sizzle and no bacon.<<<<

I didn't want her character to continue moving in that direction. I didn't accuse her of being something, I said I was concerned she was heading that.way, so I used a concept many folks here apparently have little contact with: humor.
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