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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

My post was in response to your questions, and was not intended to ruffle your feathers.

It was simply an observation based upon past and present experience with Randy. Yes, I know him personally and I know he is enthusiastic about the fan films. It is not criticism that I avoid, quite the contrary. Bring it on. In the end, it will help serve to better our product. I simply don't appreciate the attacking.

Again, I'm sorry your feathers got ruffled. I just don't see Randy as being the reviewer that I'd like to have. Good or Bad, I don't see him qualified to be objective.

Barbreader: I have read your reviews and find them quite enlightening. Folks, These are reviews. They are candid and constructive. Thanks, I do listen. We will strive to make them better in the aspects you have noted. Just Passing Through will be our next release. Final film shoots are scheduled for the last weekend in March.
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