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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

Look, some people have sent Randy their DVDs and he has reviewed them when asked. Those people want the publicity that comes with the review. I know of some filmmakers who would be afraid to approach him, and I wanted them to know he was approachable.

Si Fi Pulse may have a small readership compared to Starship Farragut, which a review of your posts from years ago tells me is your production, and not add significantly to your downloads. You don't want to, fine. I've never met him in person, but my impression of his reviews is that they are overwhelmingly favorable. He is more a booster for fan films than a sorter of fan films.

The only thing he could find under "The Ugly" ... which is his format... to say was that HIS EQUIPMENT was inadequate? NOT YOURS? And that offends you? Sorry, just don't read his stuff... or mine. I'm sure if you find his reviews offensive, you'll find mine much more so, even though I do recommend your first production to people who only want to watch the best fan films, and your second live action production is also rated as very very good. I don't understand why anyone who does such wonderful work would be so easily offended.

You are one of the less-than-ten 'big boys' on the block. There are dozens of other production groups out there for whom a review in Si Fi Pulse can more than double their audience. My comment was aimed at them. I apologize. Not only to you, Farragut, but also to Randy, since it was my comment that you responded to with hostility to him. In the more than three years since The Metrensky Incident was released, they have had just over 3000 downloads. It's a good film and I'd love to see him review it.

Hard as it my be for your to believe, there are filmmakers who write to me asking how to get Randy to review their films. I wanted to offer them an idea. Not everyone has a massive following. Not everyone is included in every list of fan films and is easy to find.
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