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Re: Upcoming Productions for March/April/May

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Or, Hey, send him an advance copy DVD of the fan film so he can review them the week of release (and you can send one to me, too... hint hint... )
How about we don't. No offense, but when it is done, I'd rather have it released to the masses than someone that can't write an objective review. Putting together a calendar is fine, but would be hard to get dates from the Producer's of these films.

I've read some of the reviews from SciFi Pulse and find them to be offensive and down right attacking. Example:

"The bad: I did notice a few oddities. Why was the Andorian on the bridge colored such a light blue? I only ask because I’m a fan of the Andorians.
I’ve become a bit concerned about Smithfield. It seems that she only gets to have temper tantrums. That can only last so long before her character becomes a word that rhymes with “snitch.” Not that I’m unhappy about what’s going on so far, but that’s something to keep in mind".

Also, Why does this need to be part of the review?

"The ugly: I’m going to have to upgrade my computer or make more visits to the local library because my poor little dialup doesn’t have the capacity to download these things all at once".

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