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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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And I love the new avatar.
Thanks. Different artist's rendition of the same character, which I started using elsewhere because the display there warped the dimensions of the earlier one. Eventually I decided I liked the new one better for use everywhere.

Anyway, I decided to go for the comedy (also: colour!):

Mighty Aphrodite [B+] - one of Woody Allen's better-received films of the 1990s (and his fifth to win an acting Oscar, in this case for Mira Sorvino), I quite liked it. In a more serious movie, the reconciliation of Allen and his wife might have merited a bit more time than it was given, but the ending is rather self-consciously quick in wrapping things up, in imitation of a Greek tragedy (I've read enough of those to enjoy how they're used here; the way Allen interacts with them recalls slightly the fantasy bits in Annie Hall). Allen's good, albeit getting a bit long in tooth for this sort of role; Helena Bonham Carter is just sort of there; Sorvino steals the show, playing the "dumb blonde" for all it's worth (her dialogue's a lot coarser than most Allen films). I also liked seeing F. Murray Abraham, who was so great in Amadeus and has done so little in film since (he probably holds the record for most spectacularly wasted actor in a Star Trek movie). The ending is fairly life-affirming for late-stage Allen, almost to the point of him parodying the idea, showing even the violence-prone pimp and his henchman enjoying themselves as a basketball game.
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